Akshayuk Pass

Trail specs

Distance Stages Elevation Gain Best period Difficulty
62 miles


Trail description

The Akshayuk Pass, a mountain pass in the Baffin Mountains, Canada, was formerly known as the Pangnirtung Pass.

The 62 miles (100 km) route will take you through the stunning valley of the Baffin Mountains. At Summit Lake you will reach the highest point. The Akshayuk Pass is an eroded riverbed, giving way to several glaciers. You will be surrounded by amazing arctic scenery where you will be introduced to fascinating northern cultures. This hike stands for backcountry wilderness in its purest form. It’s so remote that you can only get there by boat!

Photo by Paul Gierszewski

Your navigation skills will be put to the test, since there is no distinct trail to follow. On the route you will find some basic emergency shelters equipped with a radio, but spending the night in them is not allowed. You will be crossing a few glacial rivers, what can be dangerous at times. Meeting a polar bear is possible, but chances are rather small.

Photo by Mike Beauregard

The Akshayuk Pass is for the more experienced hikers, since it is physically challenging. Self-sufficiency is required and you need good orientation skills. The park charges a daily admission fee.

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