The Pyrenean Traverse, Day 20: Saturday = Sunday

There is a heavy and rainy sky hanging over the village of Aspet when we leave at half past nine. Wim warns me that we will have to digest a lot of asphalt today, but once on the way he is able to find some nice alternatives everywhere on quiet paths through beautiful forests. Here and there we follow sections of a GR trail. In other places we walk along local hiking routes. And so, unexpectedly, it still turns out to be a pleasant walk.

After a few hours the sun breaks through the clouds. When we are having our picnic on a bench, she shines so brightfully that we actually prefer to stay seated instead of hiking on.

I eat the pate, which we bought at a farm a few days ago. Wim thinks that the pate looks like cat food, and actually it even smells a bit like it. But I still think it is a real treat and I do not mourn that I do not have to share it with Wim.

With the sun in our faces we continue our way. Two miles (3km) before our sleeping place we buy ourselves a beer in a bar along the road. That was a good call, because at the campsite where a few moments later we are putting up our tent, there is no beer or wine to be found. We get our hands on the two only bottles of “Panaché” that the manageress has left, but afterwards we are forced to spend the evening on water. But that will not get our spirits down. We order some bread with the campsite manager for tomorrow morning. She promises to leave it for us at eight o’clock in the cabin that looks like a bar, but it is not. There will also be freshly made coffee, she adds with a broad smile.

When the woman sees that we are cooking our meal on our stove she comes over to bring us some homemade gingerbread. Although it was probably meant for dessert, we can not restrain ourselves and the cake does not even survive until the soup is ready. In the hut that is not a bar, Wim finds a mini ping pong table. We try to play a game, but because the ping pong ball is flying in all directions except the good one, we wisely store the thing after less than five minutes.

After that we also “store” ourselves in the tent. It’s not even ten o’clock yet when we crawl into our sleeping bags. We hear music in the distance. Apparently there is a party in a nearby village. Darn, if only we had known that before! Ah, we will build our own party in our tent … That might even be twice as nice!

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