Hayduke Trail

Trail Specs


810 miles (1,307 km)


60 days


Trail Description

Meet one of the most challenging trails on planet Earth: the Hayduke Trail. The trail links no less than six National Parks. Through an incredibly varied terrain you will be hiking in the stunning redrock wilderness of the American Southwest. Be prepared for 800 miles of rugged terrain, pushing both your physical and mental strength to their limits. 

Photo by John Buie

The trail is named after George Washington Hayduke III, a fictitious character in Edward Abbey’s novel “The Monkey Wrench Gang”. The trail wants to pay homage to the author since he has spent a big part of his life trying to defend this fragile and threatened landscape.

Photo by Wolfgang Staudt

Anyone trying to conquer the whole or even a part of the Hayduke Trail, must be a very experienced desert backpacker in excellent physical condition. The trail is largely off-trail and is not marked. The elevation ranges from 500 meter (1,800 feet) in the Grand Canyon to over 3,300 meter (11,000 feet).

Photo by Adam Derewecki

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