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The Pyrenean Traverse - France

For our honeymoon we decided to do something special. We figured the Pyrenean Traverse would cut the deal. In 41 days we hiked from the Atlantic Ocean to the Mediterranean Sea, following parts of the HRP, GR10 and other local trails. Join us on an adventure where nothing went according to plan, but where we had the most beautiful time of our lives.

Mare a Mare Nord - Corsica, France

Everyone knows the GR20 trail on the island of Corsica is a must-do for any hiker. And although we did love the GR20 very much, we lost our heart even more on the Mare a Mare Nord. The Mare a Mare Nord is Corsica's best kept secret. A secret we are more than willing to share with you.

Via Alpina - Switzerland

The Via Alpina is a trail of around 3,000 miles leading through the most beautiful part of the European Alps. We hiked the Swiss part, also known as the "green route" or the "Alpine Pass Route". Even before our very first step was taken on this stunning trail we were front page news all over Belgium. A perfect start of a perfect journey!

Mount Everest Base Camp Trek - Nepal

The summit of Mount Everest might not be in our reach, but we are happy to have - at least - made it up to its shoulders. Constant 360 degrees of jaw-dropping landscapes made us forget about the freezing temperatures. And even my pneumonia and terrible headaches were 100% worth it.