The Eagle Cap Wilderness Loop

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The Eagle Cap Wilderness Loop is considered to be the top trek of the entire Oregon region. The trail leads you through the heart of the Wallowa mountain range. The ten pristine alpine lakes you will be passing will make you feel like you have just entered paradise. The secluded lake site camping that you will be doing on the Eagle Cap Wilderness Loop will only add to that feeling. Don’t be surprised if you meet some wild life too. Elks, mountain goats and big horn sheep are lucky enough to call this stunning place their home.

The Eagle Cap is the 13th highest mountain of Oregon. You can choose to climb it while on the Eagle Cap Wilderness Loop, but you can opt to complete the trail without climbing it as well. The climb to the summit is a steep single-track. Once you reach the edge you will be overwhelmed by the splendid views.

The Eagle Cap Wilderness Loop is a trail that can’t be underestimated. With significant elevation gain and loss throughout the whole route, you are bound to be puffing and panting while you cross the rugged mountain passes. But one thing is certain: it is definitely worth every effort.

Photo by Bonnie Moreland

Take into account that there are a few rules to be followed when going on an adventure in this area. To enter the Eagle Cap Wilderness you need to have a permit. They are self-issued at trailheads without any fee. You can’t be in a party over 12 persons, since large groups multiply the impacts on the wilderness and also disrupt the solitude of others. Camping at certain areas is not allowed for groups over 6 persons. You can read all about the local regulations by clicking the link at the bottom of this page.

Photo by Bonnie Moreland

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