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Welcome on A hiker’s Tale website. We are Leen and Wim, an active Belgian couple that lives for the great outdoors.

A Hiker’s Tale is an online platform, aiming to inspire other outdoor enthusiasts to go and explore our beautiful world. With more than 15 years of outdoor experience, we mainly focus on multiple day hiking adventures. On our website we share our own hiking experiences in a blog, but we also give advice about gear, techniques, hiking trails, etc.

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Around 8:30 am we take a seat at the breakfast table of "Le Petit Bonheur de Siguer". The offer made …
The Pyrenean Traverse, Day 26
Before we set off we stuff our backpacks with all the things we find in the local grocery shop. I …
Pyrenean Traverse FEATURE
Ice-cold white snowflakes fall on my hands as I zip open the tent in the morning. "Is it snowing?", I …

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Mare a Mare Nord FEAT
"Quickly shop a backpack", you probably thought when you got in the car this morning and left to the outdoor …
Drinking water is vital. And especially during hiking, it is important to always stay sufficiently hydrated. But how do we …
As a hiker the chances are reasonable that you are a passionate nature lover. Undoubtedly, just like me, you get …


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Spork Review

REVIEW – Light My Fire Spork Titanium

Short description The Spork Titanium from Light My Fire is a very strong eating utensil. It is a spoon and fork in one, hence the name “Spork”. The Spork Titanium is the perfect marriage between carefree practicality and high-quality design.

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